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The 17 Undeniable Rules Of Building Relationships,
Growing Your Network, And Crushing A
Conference Even If You Don't Know Anyone

  • Conference hacks for before, during, and after every event
  • Tools and tips to build long-lasting relationships and grow your network
  • Quick, actionable, and entertaining read

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In the Conference Crushing Book You Will Discover...

  • Immediate ROI From Conferences

    What’s better than going to free conferences? Making a return on investment from them! Unlock these powerful methods and start going to every single conference you desire.

  • Grow Your Powerful Pro Network

    Explode through the insignificant bubble that’s been holding you back and connect with the most powerful professionals so you can grow your network the right way!

  • Instantly Stand Out and Be Rememberd

    Find out the secrets to commanding attention without looking like an ego-maniac and providing so much value people will leave thinking they want to be just like you.

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"As a self-help junkie, I've never come across a book geared exclusively towards conferences, so this new release really excited me. Not to be disappointed, Tyler's tips are practical, applicable and grounded in authenticity. He inspires you be the go-getter you must be to pull the value you crave out of your conference experience. His writing style is punchy and effective, short and sweet while his passion and genuine interest in helping is viral. You'll be a better professional after reading and digesting this book, as his advice easily crosses over from conference to the modern workplace. This is a networking must buy." Vice President Social Planning.

Katharine Ricci, DeVries Public Relations

"This book is the KEY for networking. I used to be afraid of putting myself out there in interviews and making business connections, but now I am motivated and confident. Thank you Conference Crushing!"

Zach Moorehead, Student - Arizona State University

"These 17 rules are awesome to follow and will definitely stick with me for the rest of my life! I don't attend conferences, but I can tell you that this book is inspiring and applies to any goal a person may have and gives you the means to be confident and motivated to achieve those goals."

Collin Green, Page at The Senate of South Carolina

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